1960 Austin Healey

After The Sale Sale

1960 Austin Healey 3000 GT7

All restoration body work and final assembly done by Fourintune.

Car in family since 1961. Complete frame up nut and bolt restoration started Fall of 1983. Every mechanical component rebuilt by end of 1998, resulting in a drive-able chassis. 1999 car was delivered to Tom Kovacs (Fourintune in Cedarburg WI). Tom did a complete body restoration including detailed paint job. He then assembled the car, finishing in Spring of 2000. Tom has a national reputation for Austin-Healey restoration work. http://www.fourintune.com/

This car is of very high quality having been fully restored with great care to original condition, except for the addition of factory racing works type cooling fins in both front fenders and non-standard interior color.

The bodywork, panel fit and paint finish are all of the highest quality.

The engine performs exceptionally well with strong oil pressure, keeps good temperature and makes very good power. The car is very tight to drive.

Garage kept and non-smoker

British Motor Industry Heritage Trust Certificate Number 99/3143 dated 5 October 1999

A Professional Appraisal Report dated December 12, 2017 from Specialized Claims Synergy, LLC (SCS) is available as a .pdf file on request. SCS, LLC does approximately 80% of all claims work for Hagerty Insurance Co. A personal onsite inspection was made by SCS as part of this appraisal process.

Financing available from Woodside Credit Collector Car https://www.woodsidecredit.com/

Transportation available from Reliable Carriers, Inc. https://www.reliablecarriers.com/ or Passport Transport https://www.passporttransport.com/

Current Work (November 2017 through April 2018)  

Replace front crankshaft oil seal and timing cover gasket

Harmonic balancer/pulley assembly renewed by http://www.damperdudes.net/. Result is smoother engine with more power at higher rpm from proper damper function (pliable vs. hardened rubber).

Replace all three engine side cover gaskets and valve cover gasket

Renew radiator complete, installing new high efficiency core (Don Hart Radiator http://www.donhart.com/). Install new radiator cap.

Replace lower radiator hose with new style handmade Kevlar reinforced rubber hose from England

Replace upper radiator hose.

Replace both anti-roll bar link assemblies and all 8 rubber bushings

Replace Spark Plugs – New NGK (7084) BPR6EGP G-Power Platinum Alloy

Replace Points & Condenser – New Premium

Replace point plate ground wire – New

Replace Vacuum advance unit – New from Moss Motors

Replace Rotor – New Premium

Replace ignition coil with New High Performance Intermotor Sports Coil (Set plug gap @ .035” vs. .025”)

Replace distributor cap – New

Dwell and timing set to factory specs. Centrifugal and new vacuum advance checked and working to factory specs.

SU carburetors cleaned and calibrated for optimal operation (Shell Synthetic 15W50 in carburetor dampers)

Replace Brake Master Cylinder with new cylinder.

Bleed complete brake system (DOT 5 Silicone fluid).

Inspect, clean and adjust rear brakes – brake shoe linings are very good

Inspect front calipers and disk pads – disk pads are very good

Install new Clutch Master Cylinder and Slave Cylinder.

Replace Clutch hose with new Cobalt Stainless Steel Clutch Hose.

Bleed clutch. (DOT 5 Silicone fluid)

Replace Clutch slave cylinder push rod

Replace Clutch actuation lever rubber boot

Replace Gear shift lever rubber boot

Inspect for lubrication – not needed

Oil and filter change (Castrol GTX 20W-50) (New copper drain plug gasket)

Replace transmission and overdrive unit oil (Red Line MT Synthetic High Performance Oil)

Replace Hood support rod rubber clip

Remove defective battery isolation switch in trunk. Connect negative battery cable direct to ground. Exact reproduction of Lucas Master Battery Switch available https://mossmotors.com/switch-battery-master

Four new Vredestein Sprint Classic Tires mounted and balanced on Dayton tubeless 72 spoke wire wheels. Speed Rating: H (130 MPH). See website for information: https://www.tirerack.com/tires/TireSearchResults.jsp?from=TD&width=185%2F&ratio=80&diameter=15

New Firestone inner tube for spare tire mounted on 60 spoke tube type wire wheel

Clean Optima battery and terminals (no corrosion was present)

Recent (mid 2015)

Cooling system flushed

All new radiator and heater hoses

New PCV hoses

New fan belt installed

New choke cable installed

SU carburetors complete overhaul

Drivers door handle spring replaced

Paint chips repaired and car buffed out

Below are details of the full restoration that was completed in 2000

Complete mechanical overhaul by owner, an ASE Certified Master Mechanic

Engine, Transmission, Overdrive unit, Clutch assembly and Rear end rebuilt – new parts as necessary

Hydraulic Brake and Clutch systems (DOT 5 Silicone fluid), new front disks, rear drums, all brake hoses

Front end complete including new kingpins, rear suspension including new rear leaf springs.

Steering system rebuilt with new parts as necessary

Four new wheel splined hub assemblies

Distributor, Starter and Generator rebuilt

New stainless steel header pipes

Tom Kovacs of Fourintune

Body and frame repairs as necessary including installation of modified inner and outer sills

Installed factory works cooling grills in both front fenders

Changed car from positive ground to negative ground

Installed complete new wiring harness

Installed Texas Cooling Fan

Assembled entire car using provided new rubber and gaskets as necessary

Painted car original Colorado Red, sanded smooth and buffed

Installed new Dayton 72 spoke wire wheels

Installed new Monza exhaust system

Installed new Moto-Lita 15” Wood Rim slotted spoke steering wheel

Installed new voltage regulator

Installed two new electric fuel pumps, with selection switch under steering column, for redundancy

Installed used MPH speedometer (odometer reading about 12,000 to 14,000) and drive gear to replace original KPH speedometer.

Corrosion coated inside of new fuel tank

Complete new trunk mats and liner

Pictures of restoration process and complete detailed notes available

Fourintune Sublet Installation

Interior using real leather for seats, rear squib and matching vinyl trim and matching wool carpet

Manufacture of matching top, tonneau cover and new side curtains with matching storage bag

New “Mini Garage” windshield/cockpit car cover (Austin Healey specific)

New car jack

New Spinner Lead Hammer with plywood spinner protector

New Optima battery (Installed in 2005)


  1. One Austin Healey key fob with one ignition key and one trunk key
  2. Soft top (installed)
  3. Pair custom made bound edge front carpet mats
  4. Pair rubber front floor mats
  5. “Mini garage” car cockpit dust/rain cover (installed) and storage bag
  6. Pair new side curtains in custom bag with divider
  7. Tonneau cover with two piece tonneau bow (in custom bag)
  8. Remnants (new) of interior vinyl and carpet from 2000 restoration work
  9. Oil pan gasket set (new unopened)
  10. One Innova #5568 Professional Digital Timing Light (with dwell meter and tach functions)
  11. Small fishing tackle box with miscellaneous small parts and rubber gaskets
  12. Original coil as spare part
  13. Distributor cap from 1998 restoration as spare part
  14. New scissors type car jack – in trunk
  15. New lead spinner hammer – in trunk
  16. Plywood special spinner knock off chrome protector – in trunk
  17. Spare fan belt (new) – in trunk (belt is a little too long, but will work in emergency)
  18. One 1 11/16” crankshaft “dog” nut socket
  19. One wood custom made engine lifting cradle. See this link for discussion on replacing front crank seal/balancer/timing gear/ in situ. https://www.ahexp.com/phorum/read.php?3,194871
  20. One custom cut 2 x 4 for lifting car from front with two 2 x 6 front tire support blocks
  21. Two cans Permatex gasket sealers
  22. One container (partial) Red Line Synthetic MT90 gear oil (for transmission and overdrive units)
  23. One container (partial) Castrol GTX 20W50 engine motor oil
  24. One can (partial) matching engine paint – has custom color formula label
  25. One can (empty) matching engine spray paint – has custom color formula label. A spray can of clear epoxy will be needed to cover and protect the engine paint from heat, etc.
  26. One bottle (near full) Shell 15W50 Synthetic Motorcycle Oil for SU carburetor dampers
  27. Two cans (partial) high temp black radiator paint
  28. One can (partial) high temp red radiator paint (for red fan shroud). This paint just happens to be a pretty good match for small touch up needs on exterior body
  29. Two service manuals and printouts of various procedures from internet
  30. Files with various documentation specific to this Austin Healey
  31. Restoration pictures
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